Estate Planning & Probate

Typically, one of the main goals of effective estate planning revolves around the avoidance of probate. This can often be a lengthy and emotionally crippling process — especially in the wake of your death, and especially if your family is in need of your financial resources.

Why You Need An Estate Plan...

We've seen how stressful and tedious probate can be since it involves the validation of a will through the state's probate court followed by the distribution and settlement of your assets, according to state law. Complications may arise if you own property in other states; in this case, the property must be settled and distributed according to that state's probate court, which will charge fees and result in a lower payout for your family.

...And Why You Need our Help With One

This is why we like to take a logical approach to this very common problem that arises when someone passes away; if before your death you get our assistance in effective estate planning, then logic follows that your family can avoid the heartache and headache of probate. Since estate laws are complicated and vary by state, it's best to first grasp some of the basics so we can get you to feeling like you've got control over what happens after you're gone.

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Drafting a Will in Kentucky

Estate planning isn’t limited to the creation of a will; however, wills are the most common components within an estate plan, and so it helps to know a little bit about your state’s laws regarding this topic. In Kentucky:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age at your will's creation.
  • Two witnesses have to watch you sign the will.
  • Your will can be revoked by a newer will; a declaration of intent to revoke your will; or by simply destroying your will with intent to do so. So, yes, you can rip it up or burn it, and you can even give someone else permission to do so.
  • Oral, or nuncupative wills, are not recognized by the state of Kentucky.
  • Handwritten wills are recognized in Kentucky but must be written by you; complications certainly occur due to errors or mistakes in the wording of your language if you're unfamiliar with the procedure of writing a will.

But aside from drafting wills, when it comes to estate planning and necessarily going through your assets, health or life insurance, or the beneficiaries on your accounts, you’ll definitely need our help. These matters can be tricky, so come to our office and discuss all the details of your unique situation.

Comprehensive Estate Planning and Probate Lawyer in Frankfort, KY

The best way to prepare for life after death is to focus on your family before you’re gone. With effective estate planning at our law firm, we go through every step efficiently and comprehensively to ensure that your family isn’t entrenched in messy and lengthy probate proceeding after you’ve passed away. Contact our office to set up a consultation.